Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Map Smaller than PUBG?

After months of rumors and speculation, Activision and Treyarch finally confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will feature a battle royale mode in the form of Blackout. While we do have some details about what Blackout will have in store, Treyarch stopped short of revealing the exact size of the map. Treyarch may not be ready to reveal the size of the Blackout map, but thanks to YouTuber Drift0r, we have an idea.

Using math and comments by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 developer David Vonderhaar, Drift0r was able to estimate that the Blackout battle royale map will be somewhere between 4.5km2 and 7.4km2 in size.

By comparison, Fortnite‘s map is 5.5km2 and the Erangel map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is 64.0km2. This means that if Drift0r’s calculations are correct, the Blackout battle royale map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be similar in size to Fortnite‘s map, but much smaller than Erangel from PUBG.

Check out Drift0r’s full explanation right here:

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that the Blackout map is far from finalized. Despite having been in development for over a year, Treyarch has yet to make some crucial decisions about Blackout, like if it will have 100 players or not. An official player count has yet to be revealed, and while it will likely have 100 players, some estimations have put the player count below 100 and others at nearly 150.

Considering this, it’s possible that the size of the Blackout map will be adjusted between now and the time it’s made available on October 12. The map size could also be tweaked after launch as well, especially as Treyarch balances the battle royale experience based on player feedback.

Post-launch support for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 may also see brand new maps for the Blackout battle royale mode. Beyond battle royale, though, fans can expect Treyarch to support the game in other ways as well, through the release of new zombies maps and possibly even the addition of a single player campaign.

PUBG mobile version crosses 10 million daily active users globally after launching in March 2018

China-based Tencent, the owner of WeChat and PUBG Corp on Thursday jointly announced the mobile version of the latter’s immensely-popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game has surpassed 10 million daily active users (DAUs) globally.

PUBG currently boasts of an average monthly playerbase of 1.3 mn

PUBG is available for Android and iOS

Notably, Tencent is the parent company of PUBG as well.

The mobile version of the game was released on Apple App Store and Google Play Store internationally in March this year.

PUBG mobile game has been downloaded in over 100 countries in less than a week from its release, PUBG claimed.

For Tencent, smartphone games achieved approximately 21.7 billion RMB in revenue, up 68 percent Year-on-Year (YoY), driven by in-house mobile titles such as Arena of Valor and QQ Speed Mobile, the company said in a statement.

Revenues increased 28 percent sequentially due to seasonal promotional activities and new games.

Arena of Valor remained the highest-grossing smartphone game in China’s ‘iOS Top Grossing Chart’.

Since its launch in China in 2015, Arena of Valor has experienced immense growth and now boasts of more than 200 million monthly active players, making it one of the most popular mobile games in the world.

Check Out the Answers to the Most Common PUGB Questions

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the most popular survival multiplayer games is currently the biggest seller in the market. Over 40 million copies have been sold worldwide making it one of the highest earners in the gaming industry. With so many players opting for this game, there are various questions like battlegrounds hack, system requirement, etc. that lurks in people’s mind.

So, check out the most common questions and answers regarding this game!

  1. What systems does one need to play PUBG?

When the game was introduced in the market, it was available on the PC only. It was available on Steam or on its official page. There was no physical copy of this game at the beginning.

However, there was a physical copy available for this game for PC as well as Xbox in 2017. There are talks about releasing a version for PlayStation 4; however, nothing has been official yet.

For PC, the required specifications are operating system Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. Intel Core i3 processor or AMD FX-6300 along with minimum 6GB RAM. The graphics card has to be at least 2GB Geforce GTX 660 or 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7850. 30GB of storage is also needed along with a stable broadband connection.

However, other than desktop and console version, people can also play PUGB in their Android as well as iOS mobile phones.

  1. Are there any hacks available for this game?

Well, different people use various PUBG hack when playing the game. Some of the common ones which most gamers use these days are:

  • Undetected: If one follows the direction, he will be not detected by anti-cheat approaches or BattlEye.
  • Always Win: This aids one to hide by watching the enemy as well as stay in center zone which prevents possibility of dying from shrinking battlefield.
  • Zone Surprises: This cheat helps in killing enemies by waiting in new zone and as enemies enter, make a sudden attack for elimination.
  • Name PUGB ESP: An individual can see the entire names of the players on the map.

Other than these, there are also vehicle hits, bounding boxes, wall hacks, etc.

  1. How can an Individual get guns and level up?

No consistency in player progression or levelling up. Everyone is dropped in the same location with similar equipment and abilities excluding cosmetic items. To find guns and other resources one would require searching abandon structures. It depends on a gamer when he/she will start looking for other players. One can simply activate PUGB ESP as well as find a gun and start hunting enemies or wait till they acquire all armour, medical equipment, backpack, etc.

  1. Are there micro-transactions in PUBG?

A player earns battle points depending on his/her rank, total killings, damage done to opponents, etc. These points are useful when buying crates. These crates are free for opening; however, Gamescom Invitational Crate requires one to purchase a key to access. Some of this money is for donation while some are to increase prize pool for PUBG Gamescom Invitational. learn more about PUBG hacks!

So, if you are looking to win big, you will require all the skill sets necessary along with a PUBG hack. Start playing today and explore the fun of this game!